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About Indieproofing

Hi! My name is Andrew Williams. I'm a writer and proofreader living in the United Kingdom. For about ten years I wrote reviews of games by independent developers for - a good opportunity to get involved with the indie gaming community and provide feedback and exposure for them.

Back in January 2006 I bought a domain name and started Indieproofing, a proofreading service aimed at game developers to ensure their game text, manuals and promotional experience would not let them down. Indieproofing was something of an experiment, and I had no idea whether there was a market for such a service, but a number of repeat clients and a small but steady income (despite virtually no advertising) have suggested the experiment was a success.

As of 2013, Indieproofing is now a fully fledged business.

What Is Indieproofing?

We all know that first impressions count, and a high quality game can be instantly cheapened if the writing is poor. For many developers, English is not their first language - and English is complicated, with countless idioms, complexities and exceptions.

Indieproofing can write or rewrite any required texts to a high standard of English and specialises in game text. As well as writing manuals, marketing materials and in-game descriptive text, we will proofread existing work - not just a spell check, but rewriting text as and where required. We can work in a variety of formats and will attempt to preserve formatting and line lengths where requested.

Unlike many mainstream writing and proofreading services, Indieproofing specialises in game development and offers a much more competitive rate - particularly as such companies are seldom interested in the relatively small texts needed for many games. We can also offer a bespoke service, tailoring text to your needs and to fit specific genres or styles, and are happy to offer consultation and suggestions.

Our Policy

With any customer, our aim is always to leave them satisfied. If you have any concerns or questions about our work, please let us know - if the writing still isn't right, we will correct it at no extra cost. We have no fixed limit on the number of rewrites, as long as they are reasonable.

Payment is collected through Paypal - once the work is completed and you are satisfied with it, you will receive an invoice email containing a link to a payment screen. Paypal accept most credit and debit card payments; if you are unable to pay in this fashion, please let us know and we will discuss alternatives.

So - what can Indieproofing do for you?