Indieproofing is able to work with a variety of text formats, such as Microsoft Word and Open Office, as well as plain or rich text. If your text is in HTML or XML format, we will make every effort to preserve formatting tags, etc and use a plain text editor to avoid corruption. If you are unsure about a particular format, please let us know and we will see whether we can work with it.

Our usual procedure is to receive any initial files from you, and then send back the amended files when complete. You are welcome to send additional resources, such as screenshots or notes, if these will help with the main job. Most text formats are fairly small and we usually send and receive them by email; however, if you have a particularly large download (say, more than 10Mb) it may be better to upload it or use a file sharing site such as Dropbox.

Please send copies of your files when requesting a quote so that we can give an accurate figure. You will be charged by the word count of the original files, not the finished versions. Indieproofing will normally quote on the writing to be checked, not including notes, XML/HTML tags, etc - however, if the text cannot be extracted easily, it may need to be approximated.

Creative Writing

Indieproofing can provide a range of writing to suit your needs, from game text and manuals to website blurb and press releases. Email the details - as much as you can - and we'll do the rest, consulting with you as and when needed. Looking for a particular style of writing? Let us know (and give examples if possible). We can provide you with high quality, professional text - or, if you want something that will stand out, you can let us get really creative!

As this kind of work can vary enormously in size and complexity, please let us know what sort of word counts are required. We'll provide a quote based on those word counts and we will aim to stick to that quote, as long as the job quoted doesn't change. Please let us know as early as possible if changes are required as this will make them much easier to accommodate.

The final texts will be delivered in MS Word, Open Office or plain text format (whatever is best for you). Note that Indieproofing does not provide web design or similar services; we can write the text for your website or manual, but you'll have to arrange the layout, images and so on. We can include images in manuals and similar if provided.

The final texts are yours to do with as you wish and you may edit, rewrite or distribute them as needed. Indieproofing retains backup copies of all texts sent in case they need to be provided again but will not provide them to anyone else (except in special circumstances, such as legal matters).