So you're interested in what we have to offer, but you're not sure what you'll get? Here are some writing samples to show what we can do.

Sample Press Releases

Professional press release - a standard text style suitable for most developers.
"Attention Grabber" press release - a more unusual approach to make your readers take notice!

Game Reviews at Bytten

As a reviewer at for ten years, I've written a large number of game reviews. These are some highlights.

Gimbal - a space shooter in which you design and build your own ships.
Casebook - become a forensic detective! Live video and an unusual photography technique provide a very immersive crime scene.
Primal Carnage - deathmatch combat between dinosaurs and humans. What more needs to be said?

Manual Writing - Extracts

Want to know how your manual might turn out? Here are some extracts from a personal project I've been working on.

Extract from CV Writing Course - "Experience"
Extract from Interview Course - "The Interview"

Sample Character Biographies

Click here for some sample character biographies.

Other Writing

I write the occasional short story. Here are a couple for your entertainment.

"First Impressions" - a short story set in the post-apocalyptic world of Darkwind.
"In Pursuit of Mr Grantham" - the opening chapter of a potential novel.

I also write a weekly blog on self-improvement and attaining your goals, which you are welcome to subscribe to.

You've seen what I can do. What can I do for you?