These are some of the various services Indieproofing can offer for your next game.

Game Text Proofreading

A good game requires atmosphere and style. The player should become so immersed in the experience that they forget where they are and what they are actually doing. All this can be lost, however, if the game text reads badly.

English is a complex and difficult language, especially for non-native speakers. Indieproofing can check and correct your game text to ensure it is professional and accurate. Not just a spell checking service, game text proofreading involves checking the whole context and style of your text and rewriting it where required.

Please let us know if you have a preference for American or British spelling, or if there are any special considerations (such as XML tags, line length limits, intentional errors, etc).

While this service is primarily aimed at in-game text, Indieproofing will also proofread and rewrite any other texts you may require, such as press releases, manuals, website text and so on.

Cost: $2 per 100 words.

Website and Marketing Texts

It is important that your game is well written, but it is vital that your website and promotional materials are accurate and professional. If poor text puts your customers off, it doesn't matter how good your game is - they won't even try it!

Writing to sell your game can be tricky. You need to cover your game's features and unique selling points without bombarding your readers with an obvious sales pitch. You need to entertain as well as inform. So before you send out a press release, why not see what Indieproofing can come up with? Give us your game's details and we'll write you a professional press release ready for you to mail out. Want to keep it formal and professional? No problem. Want something striking and unusual? Just say the word!

Cost: $15 per press release.

But we don't just do press releases. Putting together a website? Indieproofing can write the copy. Let us know what you need and give us a rough idea of the style, and we'll produce text to order, ready for you to paste into your website. Not sure what you want? We'll be happy to provide a free consultation, providing feedback and suggestions. You're free to use or ignore them as you wish.

Cost: $5 per 100 words.

Manual and Tutorial Writing

Long ago, games didn't need manuals. The instructions for Space Invaders were very simple. As games grew more complicated, a manual became an essential part of any game. It was a bold or foolish player that dived straight into the game without finding out what they were supposed to do or how to control it.

These days, the traditional manual has largely disappeared, replaced by online guides and in-game tutorials. But however you choose to do it, you most likely will need some form of instructions to get the player started. Indieproofing provides a manual writing service that will produce all the required text - just give us the details and show us how it will be accessed, and we'll put together all you need. Already have a tutorial designed? We'll put the text together. If not, we'll be happy to suggest something.

Note that Indieproofing is not a graphic design company and thus cannot provide images to accompany the text, though we will be pleased to incorporate any images you provide us with. We are also happy for you to provide us with any screenshots, videos, demos etc that may assist with writing the instructions.

Cost: $5 per 100 words.

Character Biographies and Setting Descriptions

A simple puzzle game doesn't need much background to it, but what if you're developing something with more depth? It's easier to get invested in a game world where the characters are more than just faceless avatars in a generic wilderness. Who are your characters? Where are they exploring? Why are they on their quest? Why should the player care what happens to them?

Indieproofing will write backstories and descriptions for your characters and settings to your specifications. Whether these descriptions are for your website, a manual, in the game itself - or even a tool for game and story development - we can provide you with anything from simple descriptions through to an entire potted history of the game world. Let us know the basic details - character traits, what they look like, etc - and the style of writing - sci-fi, D&D, serious, quirky, period, etc - and let us work our magic.

Cost: $5 per 100 words.

Other Writing

Is there some other writing you need for your next game that isn't listed here? Here at Indieproofing we will be happy to assist in any way we can. Get in touch with any details and we'll gladly see what we can do for you.

Cost: $5 per 100 words.